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Bogen NQ-SYSCTRL Nyquist System Controller

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Product description

Bogen’s Nyquist System Controller offers contractors a cost-effective means to deploy Nyquist based solutions using a state-of-theart processing platform preinstalled with the Nyquist application server software. The Nyquist System Controller facilitates quick installs and offers high-performance operation for even the largest Nyquist system configurations. Developed with commercial sound in mind, the Nyquist System Controller can simultaneously distribute a virtually unlimited number of audio streams anywhere across the network, making it perfect for background music applications.
The Nyquist System Controller can manage applications that require nearly any mix of multi-zone paging, intercom calling, or background music distribution at businesses, restaurants, retail stores, industrial facilities, and many other venues.


  • Configuration and management via a web-based graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Remote access from almost any PC/MAC, tablet, or mobile device
  • Continuous monitoring of stations and appliances to ensure system operation
  • Front panel power LED
  • SIP tie-line and trunking support for connection to external phone systems
  • Station and zone capacity for any Nyquist application (determined by system license)
  • Talkback capability in any zone
  • Multicast support for all zone paging and audio distribution
  • Paging and announcement support across multiple facilities
  • Pre-recorded and (optional) text-to-speech announcements
  • Built-in streaming Internet radio and access to subscription-based music services
  • Simultaneously distribute a virtually unlimited number of audio streams
  • Music automatically added to music library from USB port
  • Network-based audio that can be sourced (input) from any number of Nyquist appliances (NQ-P0100, NQ-GA20P2, etc.)
  • Ample storage for music files, recorded announcements, and call recordings
  • G722 and OPUS audio codec support to deliver superior HD audio quality
  • Event scheduling of tones and audio distribution to all or select paging zones
  • Emergency notifications that have higher priority over normal audio events
  • Convection air cooled; fanless design for quiet, maintenance free operation
  • Wall, rack, or shelf mountable – 1 RU package
  • 19" Rack Mount Kit (NQ-RMK03; sold separately)
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Bogen NQ-SYSCTRL Nyquist System Controller

$1,058.39 USD
$529.20 USD

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